As a generality, I will answer two of the questions in which the answers apply to all of them (Why is this tool helpful to you now Or how will it help you in the future? and How did you find this tool?).

  • All of these people will be helpful now and in the future because they will be my colleagues and people I will most likely run into at state level conferences or want to see present at a conference.

  • I found most of these people by looking at the Michigan Library Association page or the MAME page on which they listed award winners or high up members. For a rare few, I found unconventionally on LM_Net because of their postings (Jeffrey Hastings) or I stumbled across in them School Library Monthly blog (Kristin Fontichiaro).

1. John Robertson

  • In this blog, John Robertson of the Troy Public Library discusses the technology added to Troy Public, he also creates informal lists of websites that might be of interest that relevant to the season, or date along with discussing new technology trends and comparing brands.

  • This is a strong technology blog which was probably part of the reason for Robertson winning his MLA award. In comparison, though, I think Jeffrey Hastings technology posts are a little stronger because he creates short videos in which you can see the product as he interacts with it

The Tech Desk [John Robertson]. "What's Up at the Troy, Michigan, Public Library". Web. 19 April 2010.

2. Roberta Sibley
Groves Scriptor Article

  • In the above sources, Sibley discusses the perks of Library Thing and is the subject of a profile based on her winning Michigan State's Librarian of the Excellence Award (Groves Scriptor Article). Both articles provide insight into Sibley as a school librarian especially the Groves Scriptor Article because it has an interview from a fellow teach.

  • The articles are strong because in the SLM article you can see Sibley advocate for Library Thing and in the second article you can see why she is worthy of winning an award. However, I wish I had been able to find an article (a longer one, that is) that she had written or if she had a blog (I couldn't find her on Library Thing).

Sibley, Roberta. "The Librarian Who Loves LibraryThing". School Library Monthly. Libraries Unlimited, 13 April 2008. Web. 19 April 2010.

3. Jeffrey Hastings


  • On these various sites it's clear to me that Hastings is completely focused on technology. In his school library site, it is a little plain but has a lot of links to a variety of sources that are both local and global. On his ISTE site, there are a bunch of Youtube videos of technology that he has tried out.

  • He is a great source for technology information; he writes a column for School Library Journal as well. While he is extremely knowledgeable about technology and from what I saw on his website, runs a very nice library I would've liked to see more programming that he has done to promote reading literacy not just tech literacy.

Hastings, Jeffrey. The Highlander Way Library. Highlander Way Middle School. Web. 20 April 2010.

4.Kristin Fontichiaro
Internet Safety for Elementary Kids


  • From looking at all of the sites about Fontichiaro, it is easy to tell that she likes to dabble in multiple aspects of librarianship.

  • Fontichiaro is a strong source of information because she prints her knowledge not only in books but in her blog for SLM. She is still a practicing librarian so her thoughts on teacher-librarianship are very relevant and helpful.

Fontichiaro, Kristin. School Library Monthly. Libraries Unlimited. Web. 20 April 2010.

5.Patty Goonis
Livonia Public Library-Teenspace

  • Goonis maintains the Teen Library and has done such a great job she recently won an award for it. The blog that she and other librarians maintain s a great space for teens.

  • This is a strong source because Goonis has a lot of experience and doesn't allow her site to become outdated; I would've liked to see some articles that she had written or find something other than her blog but the blog is a great way to let teens know about upcoming programming and I really like that she has a Teen Advisory Committee.

"Frances H. Pletz Award Winner Announced". Michigan Library Association, n.d. Web. 20 April 2010.