1. International Reading Association (IRA)

  • They have a great website and it has places for conferences, publications, and the one I find most interesting, a place for councils. This is something unique since it's a world wide organization and it just reminds me of the UN for reading advocacy.

  • I think this would be a great tool in the future because being a part of something on a global scale means that you can gather even more ideas about trying to advocate for your own literacy programs. Their conventions are huge events; the amount of important speakers is crazy and some of the mini courses like "engaged reader" and "struggling reader" and "literacy and technology"- all of these things would be very helpful to learn about.

  • This tool was mentioned in class and it was on the final project sheet so I wanted to look into it.

  • It's strong because it's from all over the world; pooling that many different types of resources means that you should be able to find something that you're looking for. But it's so big that you as person can get lost in the shuffle; you're rather anonymous unless you are an important member in the literacy field.

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2. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

  • This is pretty similar to IRA except it's technology. The website includes a lot of the same sorts of things: professional development, advocacy, conferences, etc.

  • Will be very helpful in learning new technology uses in the classroom.

  • This was mentioned several times in class so I really thought it was important to include it.

  • It has the same strengths and weaknesses as IRA really.

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3. AASL(American Association of School Librarians)

  • This, much like the ones mentioned above, has information about awards, conferences, issues, standards, etc. But it's interesting because this one also has a list for members, parents, SLM students, and administrators.

  • This will be helpful because this is a group devoted school media.

  • It was mentioned in class.

  • It's a very good site with a lot of information.

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