1. Michigan Library Association

  • This organization has a lot on their website; forums, a journal, events and conferences, and job posting.

  • This is helpful to me now because it helps to keep me up with things currently going on in Michigan and possible job opportunities and it will help me in the future to keep me in the loop with my state network of people.

  • I Googled "Michigan Library Associations".

  • MLA could be better because it doesn't have a lot of job postings and when I tried to look to see how much a membership would cost that portion was down. It's a good site because it gives you a larger community of people rather than just Media Specialists and it has a lot of informative articles.

Couraud, Gretchen. Michigan Library Association. Michigan Library Association. Web. 14 April 2010.

2. Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME)

  • There's a lot of stuff on this organization's website. Publications, awards/ award applications, job postings (for out of state as well), and a calendar for upcoming conferences.

  • This will help create a larger network for myself and it will help decide what conferences I could go to. Plus, it has job postings which are always a good thing.

  • I Googled "Michigan Library Associations".

  • It's a weaker site because it's frustrating trying to navigate because at the top of each page they list what is on the site but you can't click on them to go down directly to what you want to see. It's nice because it has a lot, even more than the MLA website.

Staal, Tim. Michigan Association for Media in Education. Michigan Association for Media in Education, 2010. Web. 14 April 2010.