• This form is just a word document of a sample collaboration form but it includes some basic things that should be in a collaboration form such as grade level, purpose of unit, and duties of the teacher and the librarian.

  • This tool will be helpful to me in the future because when I have established myself within a collaborator role with teachers, this will be a quicker way to get inserted into the lessons that a teacher needs me to teach. This form would give the teacher plenty of time outside of a co-planning conference to think about what they need from me and what they plan to do themselves so that during the conference we can hammer out details without worrying about the main outline that we will already have in place. It will also be helpful for when we need to stay on target with our co-planning conference; with something physically in front of us to take notes on we should be able to efficiently and quickly get what we need to get done accomplished and use whatever excess time we have for an after-planning chat.

  • I found a form that I adapted into what I thought was something with a little more detail. The original form I found in a Google search of collaboration forms. Surprisingly, the first collaboration form to come up was entitled "Library Collaboration Planning Form" which turned out to be the form that inspired mine.

  • I think that in general using a collaboration form is particularly helpful in remembering what needs to be discussed and to know what your role will be when collaborating with that teacher. Having a physical copy of what you and the teacher discussed is helpful so that if the same lesson is taught in the same way the following school year you both have something to go off of already and the co-planning meeting will only be for discussing what sort of tweaks need to be made before doing the lesson again. However, I personally think that collaboration forms are difficult to work with simply because it's more likely for me to get caught up in a conversation and forget to write things down. While a form like mine is good, it is only really an outline and not a detailed sketch of what everyone involved is going to be doing.

“Library Collaboration Planning Form”. Microsoft Word Document file.

Library Collaboration Planning Form.docx